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Money-Smart: A state of mind in which a person deals wisely with the challenges associated with money management, recognizes and materializes opportunities to expand his/her income.

Millennials: Born between 1980 and 2000.

Financial Stability: A position in which one establishes an emergency fund, has minimal debt and earns enough to cover expenses and save on a consistent basis.

It takes personal desire to achieve your financial goals, but most importantly, it takes discipline and delayed gratification. It also takes adopting a different decision-making pattern. The truth is that your current financial position is the result of a decision-making system you have applied in your life. Whether it was taught to you by your parents and peers or whether you have constructed it yourself, it is your responsibility to steer your financial decision-making process in a different direction if it has not brought you desired results. – Lionel Hounkanrin



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