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Looking for insightful content for your website? I can produce articles for your outlet on the following topics:

  • Personal money management
  • Budgeting
  • Handling debt (credit cards, student loans, personal loans, etc.)
  • Career tips
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Income diversification
  • Millennials and money


From campus workshops to professional events, I bring presentations on various topics related to money management.


Are you confident that you have a effective tool that would improve the lives of millennials and others? I would love to discover it and share it with my readers.

Clear, concise, and easy to read. Lionel does a great job bringing a sometimes overwhelming topic to his generation in an approachable manner.”

I read this book in an afternoon and it was an afternoon well spent! The author draws on both experience and credible literature to make his point and even adds some interactive flare. After reading, I felt confident in my ability to continue on a money-smart path.”

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