Discipline. Create It. Apply It. Own It.

Think back to a time when nothing and no one could stop you from accomplishing a goal. There was a fire burning in you, you couldn’t stop, it was natural, it was even effortless and life was fun. You had immense momentum and it was exhilarating. Do you remember such a time? Now that you’ve... Continue Reading →

How To Live The Life You Want.

For a moment, let’s take a trip down memory lane back to when we were all 10 years old. Do you remember your carefree days when all you thought about was what you were going to be doing next? How about when you turned 13 or 15, when you taped on your bedroom wall a... Continue Reading →

So, You Graduated! How to Have A Successful First Job.

I love listening to commencement speeches from keynote speakers. They’re full of inspiration, examples of courage, failures and successes, dedication and some very wise advice. The intriguing thing is that sometimes I wonder how these new graduates would really apply the motivational orders. Really, how many people do feel challenged in their work every day?... Continue Reading →

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