How to Build a Financial Safety Net.

Building a safety net for your finances is an important part of planning for your own money. Once you have a handle on your day-to-day finances and have thought about your long-term financial goals, you are in the best position to build a safety net. This can help make sure that financial disasters don't mess... Continue Reading →

Take a Stand Against Financial Instability

If you feel like you're always battling with your finances, be hopeful because many have walked your path and succeeded at fixing their money challenges. According to a MarketWatch article of last November, only about 30% of people can confidently declare that they are financially stable. It can be difficult to keep on top of... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting.

In my experience, making the effort and taking the time to plan and manage your money responsibly pays off. Too many millennials (and people in general) simply go with the flow when it comes to money management and they get painfully surprised when the unexpected happens or simply when they need the money. When you... Continue Reading →

How to Start Securing a Stress Free Future.

When explaining to people, especially millennials, that it will take discipline in their finances to achieve stability, some of them tend to cringe. The truth is just like it takes effort, discipline in consistency in any other worthwhile endeavor, being secure financially doesn’t happen by accident. In the past couple articles, we looked at investing,... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Have Control Over Your Finances.

We all know that with adulthood, come certain responsibilities. One major one is to get your finances in order. The common basic thought is that it all start with a defined budget. To some extent, that is true but real, long term financial stability involves more. From managing debt and credit to planning your income... Continue Reading →

Diamonds In Your Finances You Should Look For

Regardless of what your finances currently look like today, improving your financial health or maintaining it in a good state should be what you strive for. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to fall into the simple pitfalls that could derail those hopes. Prior to social media, it was already very difficult to refrain from buying attractive... Continue Reading →

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