A Realtor’s Tips to Buying a Home for Millennials.

If you haven't noticed, home prices are sky high now and have been on a growing trend for the past couple years. It is becoming more and more difficult for individuals and especially millennials to buy their first home. While a home is not an asset until it's paid for, it is still an aspiration... Continue Reading →

Is Real Estate The Right Investment For You?

Investing is something we have to approach in different ways, depending on the financing at our backs and the plans for the future. And because of this, it’s a good idea to think about the best kind of investment for you ahead of time; something like cryptocurrency, for example, requires relatively little input, compared to... Continue Reading →

3 Smart Things You Can Do for Your Money.

When we go from adolescents to adults, or from college to a working life, there comes a point when we naturally think about money more seriously. When you look around, whatever your financial situation may be, it could seem like most people are doing ok. After studying a bank portfolio of hundreds of consumers, I... Continue Reading →

The Basics of Investing.

When I published Money-Smart Millennials in 2016, many of my friends and readers started asking questions about investing. I must admit, I wasn’t an expert when it came to investments and I’m still not today. Many have tried investing in the stock market and other avenues such as real estate and as you’ve probably realized... Continue Reading →

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