Growing Your Investment: 2 Home Improvement Areas that will Add Value.

For many of us, a home is the most significant personal investment we will ever make.  For others, flipping real estate is a side hustle that can turn lucrative and full-time.  Either way, paying attention to these two critical areas of your home will add value when it is time to sell.  Also, make sure to check out this list of home selling no’s.  

Curb Appeal

When the time comes, you want buyers to be wowed from the moment they pull into the driveway.  And if you are planning on residing in the house, the satisfaction of coming home to a place that looks and feels beautiful and well-maintained certainly doesn’t hurt.  There are many ways to improve your home’s exterior look and feel, both more and less expensive.  Let’s focus on three.  


A new roof tells potential buyers that your home will provide a house’s fundamental functionality — it will put a roof over their head.  A new roof helps a home to feel well-maintained, snug, safe, and cozy.  Remember, you don’t have to be roped into shingles here.  Consider metal roofs and metal siding for an updated, modern look.  


Well-maintained landscaping is a huge part of the presentation of a house.  A scraggly yard with weeds and overgrown shrubbery will detract from your price no matter how beautiful the home.  Going all out here can cost a lot, but there are plenty of more minor ways to make an appealing home for your home, so to speak, if you want to focus your investment funds elsewhere.  

Paint or Siding

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards freshening up any house’s look and feel.  Make sure to look around at other attractive homes in your area, or even talk to a local realtor, about what colors might be suitable for the environment and in style.  

Key Rooms

Some rooms in a home are crucial because of their function.  An updated kitchen and bath can do wonders for your selling price.  


Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels.  

Buyers want a kitchen with an open and light feel, which still has extensive functionality, and plenty of storage.  That can be a tricky combo but think about removing unnecessary walls to open up space and brightening things up with additional or larger windows.  You can also do wonders for a kitchen by replacing the cabinet fronts or even just replacing hardware like drawer pulls.  


Many buyers are planning for the long-term, and one of the things they know they will want as they age is a walk-in shower.  Consider converting a tub to a shower, or even spring for a walk-in tub, to attract buyers who wish to age in place.  New cabinet fronts, wall paint, and fixtures can go a long way in a bathroom as well.  

Whole House

Besides your key rooms, consider painting in neutral colors throughout the home and adding or refurbishing hardwood flooring.  These moves can make things feel more spacious and help potential buyers to envision moving in and arranging their furniture and accessories. 


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