10 Home Buying Financial Mistakes No One Mentions.

Whether it’s buying a house for the first time or selling an existing home to buy a bigger one, property purchases can be both an exciting and frustrating time in anyone’s life. You’re probably reading this blog post because you want to buy a new house or apartment soon. You might not know it, but... Continue Reading →

Is Real Estate The Right Investment For You?

Investing is something we have to approach in different ways, depending on the financing at our backs and the plans for the future. And because of this, it’s a good idea to think about the best kind of investment for you ahead of time; something like cryptocurrency, for example, requires relatively little input, compared to... Continue Reading →

Your Year 2020 in Savings.

Among all the goals that my wife and I set every year, an end of the year savings amount is a major milestone. As I review the past several years of planning, I can give ourselves a score on our financial discipline and control. Truly, that number representing your cash worth on December 31st should... Continue Reading →

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