internet, heating and cooling, electricity: how to save money on these bills.

The cost of living is high right now, and millennials are feeling this shift more than
ever. Between college debt, low-paying jobs, and a skyrocketing unemployment rate,
many millennials are struggling to adjust to a strictly budgeted lifestyle. Budgeting
helps, but trying to splurge on a nice dinner or a new item for your home without
feeling guilty can be suffocating. One way to save money without tightening your
essentials budget is to learn how to save money on your bills.

Shop and Switch Internet companies

Many companies have new customer specials you can take advantage of. Look
closely at your current Internet/cable/phone bill to see what you’re actually paying
for. People often find they’re paying for premium channels for which they forgot to
cancel free trials years ago. You also may be paying for a higher Internet speed than
you’re getting, so test your network and call your provider to discuss options. Also, if
you decide to switch providers, you can save money with new client deals, or your
current company may offer you a big discount when they find out you want to switch.
These efforts take some time, but they can be well worth it in the long run.

Replace appliances and use them efficiently

If you own your home, consider replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient
ones. These are better for the environment, and they also can save you tons of
money on your electrical bills. Investing in an energy-efficient clothes washer, dryer,
dishwasher, or even stove or refrigerator can save you hundreds a year on your
utility bills. If you rent, consider discussing switching to energy-efficient appliances
with your landlord. It will make the property more attractive and valuable once you
move out, and it will save you a bunch of money—a win-win.
If replacing appliances isn’t doable for you, another great option is using them
differently. You don’t have to suffer all summer without turning on the air conditioning
to save on energy bills; you can simply learn the best temperature settings for both
efficiency and comfort.

Put up window treatments

The way your windows work affects your heating and cooling costs. Many
apartments and homes have very old windows, and replacing them can run
thousands of dollars. However, new window treatments are perfect for keeping the
heat inside in the winter and the cool inside in the summer. To save on your energy
bills, invest in shades or curtains to keep the weather where it belongs: outside.

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