How To Navigate Corporate America After Graduation.

Four years ago, you embarked on your college journey. You fought through late nights, difficult classes, boring classes, homework and deadlines and you finally arrived. Like any other journey, college has an end goal which is traditionally landing the job of your dreams. Now that you've graduated, you’ve applied to several jobs and thankfully you... Continue Reading →

Entry-level Jobs That Can Pay Your Bills.

Crash-landing, deafening silence, impossible solution, autopilot, plastic glasses, jumbo shrimp...What do these all have in common? Well, their respective literal meaning is an oxymoron, but they have transcended vocabulary. Recently, a Glassdoor article was shared with me and as soon as I saw the title, I had an internal sarcastic laugh which only lasted a... Continue Reading →

When and How to Ask For A Raise.

We all go through the phase when we think we deserve better than our current remuneration. For some, that feeling is constant and proven. Whether it is a desire to have a higher salary or a wish that a bonus could have been higher, I can guarantee that you have felt that way at least... Continue Reading →

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