Entry-level Jobs That Can Pay Your Bills.

Crash-landing, deafening silence, impossible solution, autopilot, plastic glasses, jumbo shrimp…What do these all have in common? Well, their respective literal meaning is an oxymoron, but they have transcended vocabulary. Recently, a Glassdoor article was shared with me and as soon as I saw the title, I had an internal sarcastic laugh which only lasted a couple seconds, just before I opened the post. Yes, it is natural to think of an entry-level job as work that pays significantly less but truly, it’s not always the case. Since it’s graduation season, I decided to do a quick Google search and see what the career are out there that might help millennials get out of their parents’ home right out of school.

Well-paying entry level job is not an oxymoron. Don’t get me wrong, cost of living should be considered before a salary is assessed as high or low so a ‘high paying entry level’ job is subjective. We know that in 2017, the average college grad starting salary was $50K. If you live in Iowa, you’d be comfortable whereas a DC resident may cringe on that number.  

For new college grads and really for anyone, I highly recommend doing some research and having a clear idea of what you deserve as a salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website is a great resource.

So, without any further do, here are a few careers to consider for your independence from mom and dad.

  1. Graphic Designer

If you’re the creative type and want to put all that creative juice to good use, then you should consider coming up with creative solutions in the form of graphic design. But it’s not just the median base pay of $43,500 that makes this an attractive proposition, it’s the scope of projects you’ll get to work on and the chance to go freelance if you so choose. At $43,000 per year, you may not be able to accomplish a lot. This is an opportunity to develop good discipline habits. Share an apartment with a roommate if you’re single and most importantly, establish your budget.

  1. Marketing Associate

If you are looking for a fast-paced job that juggles the need for creativity, empathy, and selling, you need to join a marketing team, and that means going through the entry-level door of marketing associate. Sure, there might be a lot of coffee-making, but that’s where some of the greats started, working their way up to project management, budgeting, event execution, and branding. As for money, you can expect a cool $48,500.

  1. Farm Assistant Manager

Are you get-your-hands-dirty-outdoorsy-type? If so, then you might want to check what agriculture jobs are out there, not only because the potential to earn $100,000+ is high, but because with some hard work, you can climb that ladder fast. There is also an immensely wide scope of jobs. It could be accountancy, dairy management, energy, feed or any number of things. Whatever you decide, you can expect to be on $47,000 very early on in your career.

  1. Paralegal

Yeah, we’re talking about that job Meghan Markle had in her role in Suits before she became the Queen (or whatever her royal title is). Paralegals are responsible for interacting with both internal and external constituents and play a seriously crucial role when it comes to managing the legal function. Once again, the average salary is around $47,000 and the range of options within this field are so wide you will be sure to find something you enjoy.

  1. Software Engineer

With no surprise, jobs in the tech field pay more than other careers. If you’re the tech-savvy type that wants to be compensated for your technical knowledge, you will not be disappointed when searching for software engineering jobs because the median pay is a cool $86,000. As a software engineer, you will be working closely with product owners, senior engineers, designers and programmers. Moreover, there are chances of being part of an innovating team.

Here is a video that gives you many more options to consider when evaluating entry level salaries.

***This article is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.



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