Are You Prepared For A Working Nomad Lifestyle?

***This article is a collaborative guest post.

You may have recently left college, been taking a sabbatical from work or found yourself at another life crossroad, and you may only have one thing on your mind: traveling. You may have an innate hunger to see more of the world, experience a new way of life and immerse yourself in new cultures. Today, with technology, more and more jobs offer employees a working nomad lifestyle. If you’ve never heard of the term, it simply means working remotely overseas or while traveling the world. While this sounds amazing in principle, there is a lot more preparation to be done prior to just hot-footing onto a plane.

For millennials, this sounds like a dream life because we’ve grown up in an ever changing environment. In this microwave life where everything happens so suddenly, we make instant decisions without always considering the consequences or the implications. In this case, we should be more careful. So, if being a working nomad has crossed your mind, read below.

Get Your Financial Ducks in A Row

It’s not always easy to solve administrative issues once you leave the US. Processes may take longer, be more complicated and tiring. When you decide to work overseas, it is important that your finances be in order.

You will most likely run into surprises. If they require unexpected expenses, it is crucial that your savings are in good shape to cover them. If you have debt, credit cards or personal loans, it’s vital that you get these either cleared or manageable prior to your jaunt overseas. Prior to leaving the country, shift as much debt as possible to a zero or minimal balance.


If you are naturally organized or have learned to manage your financial affairs efficiently, it might be easy for you to oversee everything once you’re away. However, for those who need some help, a solution might be a debt consolidation. and similar sites can help put your multitude of tiny debts into one monthly repayment. This makes it easier when you are traveling to set up a simple direct debit to go straight towards paying off the account. You won’t need to be trekking in the Himalayas worrying about that store card you think you need to make a payment towards.

In many cases, some of your expenses while traveling could fall under work expenses. To make sure that you are reimbursed (when you used your own credit card), keep track using a log.


If you are thinking about heading to more than one destination on your travels, it’s essential that you consider the costs of actually getting to those countries. Visas are necessary to cross borders, and they don’t come cheap. If you are hitting multiple nations, you may have three or four required visas that you will need to pay for. On top of this expense, you may need to pay to renew your passport and obtain the relevant vaccinations and medication needed in certain parts of the world. These expenses need to be taken into account when planning your trip abroad.

Working While Traveling

We’ve considered so far that you are employed. However, for many working nomads, the adventure consists of finding new jobs when they move. If that’s the case for you, one of the best ways of immersing yourself into the heart of the community is to settle down, take a longer term rental and find work within a locality using a website like You will get the chance to earn some much-needed cash to fund your excursions and travel, you may get the chance to learn the native language, and you can make some lifelong friends.

You might find yourself fruit picking in the south of France, rearing sheep in the Australian outback or building a well in a Ugandan village. It doesn’t really matter what you end up doing, there is a degree of flexibility in your work as you can pack up and take off again.


Venturing overseas for a spot of traveling before settling into a full-time job at home is exhilarating for some. Take your time, plan carefully and prepare financially before hot-footing it on your wanderlust adventure.


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