Are You Ready To Launch Your Start-up? #2

In one of the previous articles related to business, we discussed how to get ready to launch your start-up business. I received a lot of feedback and interest on the subject and the discussions led to looking into the future of a start-up. When launching a business, it is obviously important to strategize but it is as important to plan for the progress of the enterprise and map things out. The entrepreneur who knows where their company is going in the months and years to come will be in the best position to make their start-up a success.

Just a we discussed a few factors to consider when launching your business, we will talk here about components of running a business to consider for the future. This is simply a short list as experiences and industries will widely differ based on the type of business you’re running.


You have already failed if you do not have a clear idea of what the future of your business will be. Naturally, it will not evolve exactly as you thought, but having a plan will be the rails that keep you on the tracks. There are a lot of small details that you’ll have to contend with on a daily basis when you’re a business owner, but it’s imperative that you also see your future. Where are you going, as a start-up, as a freelancer, as a small business, as an organization? Time and days will go by very quick and soon you’ll realize that you’ve been in business for years. Will you be content with your position then? The best way to guarantee it is to have a goal and set a plan.

Disrupting Trends

If you could have a magic ball that could see into the future, wouldn’t that be the best strategy ever? Well, that’s not going to happen. We can anticipate the future and as much as you plan, these things called trends that come unexpected may be a positive or negative for your business.

Some trends can be seen coming and though the signs aren’t always crystal clear, there are usually ways to see the subtle indicators that are on their way; for example, mobile marketing – which is already incredibly popular – is going to blow up in the coming years, as 80% of internet traffic is going to be for video. Storytelling is becoming the go-to marketing strategy and when you add video and actors, the impact is double. Try to incorporate these trends into your business at the earliest opportunity, and you’ll be ahead of the curve of your competitors finally catching up.

Overcoming huddles

What’s on the horizon? Good or bad, we can take a guess, but we can never really know with certainty. As much as we plan and strategize to avoid difficult situations, there is no guarantee that they won’t happen.

Whether it is a decrease in accounts, a bad economy or market or a surge of competitors, it is reasonable to equip yourself with the tools necessary to fight back. In our personal lives, we take precautions and protect what we value, usually through insurance. As such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to protect your assets in case your business venture does not go as desired. This will ensure that your any devastating failure won’t have a detrimental effect on your financial stability. You can’t prevent bad things from happening, but you can be ready for them and limit the amount of damage that they can do.

Integrating New Technologies

To ensure productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, investing in technology may be necessary. Technologies change regularly and it is important to keep an open mind to new business processes. The more efficient you are, the better results your start-up will experience.

Although important, acquiring new technology can be expensive so be careful and don’t overdo it. Budget and spend carefully. The trick is to keep an eye on the best tools, software, and practices make your move at the right them so you don’t get left behind.

***This article is in partnership with a guest writer, or a brand, or a company and may contain affiliate links. Nonetheless, these are my experiences and my opinion. For questions, contact me directly here.



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