The $100 Fun Challenge: Thanksgiving and Some Extra Money.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as expected, the frenzy for Black Friday is here. Retailers such as Amazon or other major stores have started their deals since Monday. If you’re conscious about your finances and being stable, you’ve probably already budgeted an amount to spend during the next few days for your shopping. That’s great. This article is for us to have some fun and why not make an extra $100 to treat ourselves. Yes, financial stability requires some sacrifices and some discipline but it should not deter us from enjoying life. So if you can make $100 of fun money per month, $1,200 a year isn’t that bad, is it?

A Cash Back credit card

Credit cards are dangerous when they are not properly manage, but they can a source of income. Some, such as the Discover it and Blue Cash Preferred, reward you for spending. The latter is especially good for families as it credits you for essentials like groceries. The Discover it card isn’t a bad choice either with a minimum 1% offer on all purchases. New holders are eligible for a first-year cash back match too so you can double your money. The average food bill for a family is $300 a month, which is $3 in your pocket at a minimum. In the past, I benefited from transferring balances from a credit card to the other just for the perks. Why not?

You will be eating a lot, hopefully working out too

If you haven’t been motivated to exercise and keep a consistent regiment, will getting paid to do it help? The Pact app can be your new best friend. Depending on the number of promises you pledge, you can earn $5 a week, which is $20 a month. In conjunction with DietBet, there’s an opportunity to make a whole lot more. All you need to do is join a game and compete to lose the most weight. Whoever has lost the most at the end of the 28 days wins the money in the pot, which can be up to $100 depending on the players. The app takes a cut, but you still get 85% of the winnings. Not bad!

Internet Points

Since you’re always surfing the web on your phone, you might as well get paid for the time. With a Swagbucks review, you can learn how this company rewards its users with gift vouchers and cash back via PayPal. All you need to do is sign-up and use their Yahoo-powered search engine to secure SB points. These are then transferable for a range of prizes. 300 are relative to a $3 voucher, but they are easy to get hold of. The average person earns around $30 pm thanks to their regular online activities.

Travel Rewards

48 million Americans will travel over Thanksgiving and for the rest of the season. The likes of Skyscanner and Trip Advisor book different elements of your vacation and save up to 50% off. While you’re not earning money, you’re saving it and the extra money may help for your Christmas shopping. Using cards with air mileage and hotel rewards are beneficial too.

So, while you’re enjoying time with your family and friends, can you make an extra $100?


This article is in partnership with a guest writer, or a brand, or a company and may contain affiliate links. Nonetheless, these are my experiences and my opinion. For questions, contact me directly here.


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