What Working For Yourself Could Look Like For You.

Working as an entrepreneur is the best option for determined and self-motivated people who are frustrated by working a traditional job. The challenge is today’s society is that entrepreneurship has been watered down so much by the social media influencers. While previous generations knew entrepreneurship as a grueling, hard process to establish a business, today’s millennials think it’s simply taking great pictures with endorsement. Even for the very successful Instagram or YouTube entrepreneurs, it’s not easy. You desire to follow your own path, but you should never under-estimate how much effort it takes to be self-employed. However, there are a few different options that could balance out your need for freedom with other aspects of work from security to having colleagues.

Here are a few ideas you might like to consider.

Start with Freelance

Freelancing comes with risks, one being the potential of inconsistent steady income. Nonetheless, the real beauty is that four-letter word: free. It’s not easy but if you have what it takes to jump both feet into the world of freelance, the rewards are huge. Freelancing gives you a chance to make work fit around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Freelancers must be determined, ambitious and really organized. You also need to decide which jobs you want to take, which will require too much effort for the reward and learn to juggle various contracts. Depending on your industry and your clients, using technology, freelancing may give you a chance to travel and still work, pick your working hours and choose the projects that interest you most.

Setting Up Your Own Business

Starting your own small business is incredibly exciting but you must be prepared to work hard and put in a lot of hours. Although it seems like freelance, establishing a business and all its legal and administrative requirements takes a lot more work. Before you quit your stable job to get started, you must do as much research as possible. Knowing your business inside and out is essential for your plan to work.

Setting up your own business is a large endeavor and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That said, having your own business puts you firmly in the driver’s seat and you’ll see all the returns. Down the road, as the business becomes scales and becomes more successful, you will also have the opportunity to hire other staff so that you can focus on driving your business forward. Owning your own business is different from freelancing because you won’t necessarily be as free, but any freelance business could grow into something more.

If you’re determined and want to make something more of your career, freelancing, joining a franchise or setting up your own business could all be viable options. Now you just need to decide which is right for you.

Setting Up a Franchised Business

If freelancing sounds a bit too risky and business establishment too hard,  a good stepping stone could be to join a franchise opportunity. The benefits here are obvious: you’re still in charge of your own business but you have all the support you need and a business model that is already proven to work. 

There are all kinds of business franchises you could look into. A simple search and you could be making the most of anything from a bug control franchise opportunity or a real estate agency prospect. The key to choosing the right franchise is to look at your own skills and interests. While the franchise will help you get started, you still need to be self-reliant so working within your comfort zone is a good plan while you’re learning new business skills. 


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