Save Money on Your Office Year End Party with These Tips.

It’s that time of the year when Facebook posts consist of work holiday parties. From office potlucks to hosted events at bars and venues, the range is quite wide. 

Everyone enjoys a good office party. Everyone gets together and you have a big celebration before Christmas and New Year. 

As a business owner, the expenses of a party can be quite considerable, especially when your workforce is large. For a small company looking to end the year in the black, a holiday party has the potential of raising some eyebrows from the financial planning team. However, this party may be the one thing that increases morale in your organization as the year is coming to an end. 

You don’t have to cancel the party although it seems like a huge expense that yields no financial gain whatsoever. Don’t panic, there are ways you can be savvy and save a lot of money on your office Christmas party this year!

Don’t hire a DJ.

DJ’s come out at the office Christmas party to play some lovely tunes for everyone to dance along to. Unfortunately, they’re expensive. What’s more, you can get the same effect without a DJ. If you really want the lighting usually brought in by a DJ, you can get information here on various types of lighting. For music, bring in some powerful wireless speakers, hook them up to your smartphone, and you’re done. It’s basically like having a DJ, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Potlucks are more cost effective than catering.

Food is another costly expense for Christmas parties. However, it’s also the main thing everyone looks forward to – along with the drinks! So, you can supply some, but tell your employees to bring a dish. They can all make something delicious and tasty and when everyone brings the dishes together, you have a delightful buffet. It’s also a chance for your team to show off their diversity. People from different cultures might bring in unique things that nobody has tasted before. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season and embrace different cuisines. 

Host the party in your office.

Hiring a venue for your office party is always tricky. Firstly, places get booked up so fast. Secondly, due to the popularity, the rates are extortionate. So, it costs an arm and a leg to book a table in a local bar. Why bother? After all, this party is about celebrating the company. So, host it in your office. Clear away the desks and chairs, and create an awesome party atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about queuing for drinks or being in a crowded space, it’s a private party for you and your team. Afterward, if people like, they can head out on the town and continue to party in bars or clubs. But, the main event can be hosted on your premises for free. 

Admittedly, the thought of saving money on a Christmas party sounds like an oxymoron. It can feel like you’re trying to suck the fun out of the event. In reality, you’re not doing that at all. You’re being smart with your money and ensuring that your employees still have a fantastic time. With the money you save, you could invest back in the business to see some genuine improvements. I’m sure your team won’t mind if it means they get brand new chairs or desks in the New Year thanks to the savings!


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