Side Hustles and Enterprises to Start During the Pandemic.

Many of us began this year with lofty goals for getting our lives and finances back on track, but 2020 had other plans—namely, a pandemic. Even if 2020 hasn’t served you a situation that lends itself to financial success, there are still options to boost your income. These are some of thebest entrepreneurial ventures to start during the pandemic.

Online Marketplace

Entering an online marketplace can mean different things to different people. For some, being knocked out of their previous job has been the perfect opportunity to reevaluate their passions and goals. These people have taken this opportunity to open online shops selling anything from candles to custom shirts. For others, this means entering marketplaces like Etsy with the homemade masks, crafts, and jewelry that they learned to make while staying at home. This can even mean going to Facebook Marketplace, which saw a huge surge in popularity when thrift stores closed.

Multi-level marketing companies have shown for a long time that they are a viable option for many. From health and nutrition products to skin care lines, they offer a large variety of services. If you’re looking to diversity your income, considering multilevel marketing could be your route to success. It’s important to do your homework and opt for a legitimate company. But, when you do, you will not regret it.

Ride Share & Food Delivery

Whether you’re transporting people or their food, working for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, or other services is an excellent way of making a decent amount of side hustle money. Not every restaurant is open at full capacity and many are still hesitant to go out to the ones that are. Others are equally hesitant about going on public transportation and would rather have the seclusion of rideshares. Even if you do not currently own a car, you can check on the availability of vehicle leasing for rideshare drivers in your area.   

Become a Freelancer

There is a slew of avenues available to take the skills you have and make them a source of income. Best of all, we really do mean any skill. Whether you’re a musician, artist, writer, developer, designer, or analyst, you can get gigs for freelance work. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal make becoming a freelancer simple by allowing you to make a profile in minutes to manage your orders and gigs. Just a few things that you can freelance include social media writing, voice acting, video editing, animation, marketing, graphic design, and book writing.

Online Tutoring

All the uncertainty in education over the past months has left a lot of kids behind in their studies, especially kids who needed one-on-one attention. Even if you don’t have an education degree, it is still possible to tutor students of different ages. In fact, utilizing your unique experiences can give students different perspectives than they might have gotten in the classroom.

As we move forward into the uncertainty of the rest of 2020, we do not have to operate out of a helpless mindset. By keeping your wits about you, keeping your eyes open, and remembering the skills and resources that you have to offer, you can start a side hustle during the pandemic that could lead to something greater.


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