Eco-Friendly Tips That Save You Money

The popularity of eco-friendly living and habits is increasing and many people, especially millennials are finding ways to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Contrary to circulating myths, becoming more eco-friendly does not break the bank—rather, it can save you money. Here are a few eco-friendly tips that can save you money in your daily life. 

Use Power Strips with Power Buttons

Every day, we waste money and energy by leaving unused electronics plugged in and turned on. While it may be hard to remember to go around your house and unplug every cord in every outlet, power strips can make this task a little easier. Invest in a few power strips that will turn off multiple devices at once to minimize excessive energy usage from items that don’t need to be on or plugged in all day. 

Make Your Car Sustainable 

While buying a hybrid or electric vehicle or ditching your car altogether will make the biggest impact in reducing vehicle emissions, this isn’t always a logical choice. Instead of purchasing a new car, take up new habits to make your car more eco-friendly and try to walk or bike to close locations. 

Reusable Products

One of the best eco-friendly tips that can save you money is to take advantage of reusable products. Ditch harmful plastics and other materials like dryer sheets and invest in reusable alternatives. Use a reusable water bottle, napkins, and glass food containers to eliminate paper and plastic waste in your kitchen, as well as the expense of purchasing plastic water bottles and napkins every time you visit the grocery store. Dryer sheets are also environmentally damaging and waste your money with their single-use nature. Eco-friendly dryer balls are a one-time purchase that lasts for hundreds or even thousands of loads of laundry, saving money and reducing your environmental impact. 

LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs are a great way to save on your monthly electric bill. These lightbulbs consume less energy per watt and can last over 10 times longer than traditional lightbulbs, ultimately saving you even more money because you’ll change your bulbs less often. 

Go Paperless

Eliminate excess paper usage by going paperless whenever possible. Opting for paperless bills and auto-debit payment options reduces the amount of paper mail you will receive and requires you to write fewer paper checks. Some companies even offer a discount if you opt for paperless billing. 

Following more sustainable and eco-friendly practices can save you money when you are creative.  


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