Entrepreneurship 101: 5 Costs you Should Never Overlook When Starting a Business.

If you are like most business persons out there, you started your own business because it is a lifelong passion or dream. However, most entrepreneurs usually forget that to make money, you will need money, especially if you are at the start-up stage. Sometimes, it can be the very usual ones like equipment to produce your merchandise or salary. However, many costs are involved in starting and running a business that you cannot ignore. For instance:

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Utilities and Office Space

Staring up a business goes hand-in-hand with having a dedicated office, but do you really need the space? A home office can be helpful for most startups; however, zoning and other regulations might require you to have something more formal. So, before renting an office space or buy a property for your business, you must first consider the amount of space you will need once the business takes off.

Research Expenses

Even before you start your business, you will have to do a thorough research of the customer makeup and industry to authenticate your business idea, ensure that there is a ready market, and know who your potential clients will be.

You can decide to hire a research company or do your own market research through email surveys and phone. But keep in mind that you will have to use money for the study.

Professional expertise

Never underestimate the power of legal fees when approximating the costs of starting up a business. Using money to pay for good consultation concerning your business structure, legal contracts, and financial matters in your business can help you prevent costly legal fees in the future. For instance, used oils can pollute the environment, and to avoid issues with the government, you should consider an oil recycling company like https://gfcommodities.com/our-services/yellow-grease-uco-pickup/ .

Technological Costs

Technological expenses might consist of the costs of purchasing a host and a domain, computers, building a website, information systems, software like payroll and accounting systems, and internet fees. You can choose to outsource these services and functions to freelancers and other companies; however, consider going for affordable options if you decide to do everything on your own.

Employee Costs

Starting a business means you have to hire workers, especially if the company is a big one. Therefore, you must consider extra expenses like salaries, benefits, interviewing, advertising and training.

Remember that processes like going through the cover letters and posting a job position can add up when you factor in the time cost. Also, if you won’t compensate your workers enough, you will end up with lowly motivated employees, a bad reputation, high turnover percentages, and rebellion.

Are you aware that the process of hiring new workers can cost you as much as thirty percent of the worker’s first-year salary, which can later add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue? So, to avoid expensive processes and save money, try finding the right workers by providing clear job descriptions, ask the right question in interviews, give competitive salary and if possible, use a recruitment agency.


Starting a new business can be very exciting that you forget some crucial costs. This can easily result in business failure. Therefore, you should ensure that you consider the above costs and avoid money mistakes by consulting people who have been where you are.


4 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship 101: 5 Costs you Should Never Overlook When Starting a Business.

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  1. All important costs to keep in mind when starting a business. With that said, I think that office space is becoming less of an expense now, especially with remote working becoming increasingly commonplace. It’s something to note for those with tight budgets to maneuver around in.

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  2. Nowadays a home office is okay and it’s good for starting! “Utilities and Office Space” is the most important one to think about it. By the way, people are going to start a business from their home. So, we have to keep in mind that. Thanks for the list!

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  3. Wise points I have read here in detail! Yep, a home office is good to start. “Research Expenses” is the most vital one for discussing within this title. I am going to share the post on my Twitter page to see my followers. Thanks and keep it up!


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