Making Your Business Value-Proposition A No-Brainer Conclusion.

There are billions of dollars spent on advertising material each year. This can be divided into several formats, but also in terms of stated goals for each campaign, and the means by which interest is accrued. For instance, you might promote a music event by talking about the strength of the acts performing, as well as the recognition and exposure of their name. A charity might draw attention to the good work they do, and how cheap regular donations can be.

Making your business value proposition a no-brainer conclusion means identifying exactly what it is your value has to offer, ensuring that the proposal is so worthwhile that customers have no choice but to try it. Of course, this also applies to businesses to, as risk-averse corporations and brands need extra convincing to onboard to your service over another, or to match their enterprise with yours.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to make that consideration time shorter, by offering the strongest package you can:

Pass On The Savings

It’s healthy to pass on the savings of cost-cutting efforts you focus on. Of course, not every saving will go towards a reduction of prices, but those that can be achieved through processing decisions are best funneled there. For instance, credit card optimization through PayTrace can allow for lower interchange fees from business to business, meaning that you pay less for that infrastructure. This way, you may be able to lower your prices in aggregate, ensuring that companies thinking of using you now have a much better reason to do so. Compared to another firm that fails to implement this method, you may just outcompete them.

Make Use Of FOMO

Everyone knows how strong the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) can be, and for that reason, leveraging that emotion is a strong marketing tactic. Running events, promotions that are limited to a certain time only, and celebrations that mark milestones in your company life (such as five years of operation) can help you bring people in, and it also helps them feel more interested in your story. Moreover, this gives you the wonderful justification for launching new marketing campaigns, or even implementing full-scale restructure of how your serviced products are combined, scaled or applied.

Leverage & Uplift

It’s also good to focus on being your connection’s biggest advocate. When running a firm, you want other B2B connections to care about what you do, to properly adapt themselves to it, and to provide you solutions that you didn’t know you needed.

If you can do this for your most trusted clients, they’re so much more likely to stay, be that developing products around customer needs they’ve expressed, trying to remove friction between you and applying service packages, or curating custom VIP support packages which means there’s always someone to communicate with – this process is an intensive effort, but can leverage so much from the relationship, and never takes any part of it for granted.

With this advice, you’re sure to make your business value-proposition a no-brainer conclusion.


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