A Realtor’s Tips to Buying a Home for Millennials.

If you haven't noticed, home prices are sky high now and have been on a growing trend for the past couple years. It is becoming more and more difficult for individuals and especially millennials to buy their first home. While a home is not an asset until it's paid for, it is still an aspiration... Continue Reading →

5 useful perks to negotiate at work.

When you have been told that you are getting a promotion, it’s an exciting moment. You are in a good position, because your employer recognizes your productivity and your positive impact on the company. They are trusting you telling you in a bigger and better capacity than before. Most people take the promotion and feel... Continue Reading →

What are C-Level Jobs?

Corporate level jobs, often referred to as C-level jobs, are reserved for some of the highest-ranking people in the company and refer to executive titles with C in their name standing for Chief. C-level positions are reserved for those with the most powerful and impactful roles in the company, those who make the most demanding... Continue Reading →

Broke No More!

I was having a conversation with an acquaintance recently and they had given up hope that they could ever be in a better financial position. In fact, this person said that they would be broke for the remaining of their life. I was taken aback by those words; why would someone so young believe that... Continue Reading →

The Social Way to Land Your Next Job

Nowadays, modern employers have access to a lot more information about their job candidates than ever before. Those who care the most about the people they decide to hire will use everything at their disposal to make sure that they are taking on the right kind of person. While this takes more effort, it makes... Continue Reading →

5 Clear Signs It’s Time to Slow Down.

When you’re pursuing your dreams and goals, you get accustomed to working hard. It is so exhilarating that taking a break may not even cross your mind, you may never think about slowing down. This happens to employees too. If you’re someone who genuinely loves their job, you probably work around the clock, take on... Continue Reading →

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