The Social Way to Land Your Next Job

Nowadays, modern employers have access to a lot more information about their job candidates than ever before. Those who care the most about the people they decide to hire will use everything at their disposal to make sure that they are taking on the right kind of person. While this takes more effort, it makes sense that they will go through the process, and a simple resume is hardly enough to judge someone’s character. As a potential employee, this gives you a lot of work to do outside of your normal documentation, and this post is here to help you to master the art of being noticed.

Social Media

Most people are fully aware that HR professionals and recruiters will use social media to make sure that the candidates are right for the job. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram show a lot more of your life than you may realize, and a lot of people will pexels-photo-266246work hard to keep their presence on sites like this nice and professional. In reality, though, you can do much more than simply avoiding arguments and keeping your pages clean. For example, if you want to become a chef, having images of yourself cooking and wearing restaurant quality aprons will work like a charm. However, Facebook and Instagram are not the best place to promote your professional life. The best way to market your career is to establish an effective LinkedIn profile.

The Community

Along with working hard on social media, a lot of people find value in doing things outside of their normal job. Your local community will almost certainly contain people who work for the businesses you’re applying to, and this means that you can use local efforts as a way to make yourself known amongst those around you. By participating in events, helping charities, and performing other civic work, you can make friends in high places, often giving yourself a good word or two at a lot of the places you decide to apply to.

Knowledge & Experience

Of course, this sort of effort should involve the information you have on your resume to a certain degree, as your employer will still be using this as their primary insight into the experience you have. Most people will bend the truth when they are trying to get a new job. But, if the business finds out that you’ve lied like this, they will quickly throw your resume in the trash and move onto the next candidate. You should always have supporting evidence for the work you claim to have done, demonstrating your abilities, while also making it easy for your potential bosses to find it. A blog can be a great way to achieve this goal, as this is something which can be found when they Google your name.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder to make sure that you’re presenting the best possible image whenever you apply for a new job. A lot of people struggle in this area, finding it hard to make sure that they are seen in the right light, but this should be easy if you take the right approach.


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