5 useful perks to negotiate at work.

When you have been told that you are getting a promotion, it’s an exciting moment. You are in a good position, because your employer recognizes your productivity and your positive impact on the company. They are trusting you telling you in a bigger and better capacity than before. Most people take the promotion and feel grateful without realizing that even as a current employee, this is an opportunity to re-negotiate certain benefits. You are valuable and if possible, you can upgrade your perks.

Some companies have rigid salary strategies and an unbending budget, but it’s not always about salary raises. There are perks that you can ask for that are just as wonderful as a salary raise, but you have to be brave enough to ask in the first place. So, if you know that your company doesn’t have the wiggle room to up your yearly salary, let’s look at other great perks that you can negotiate.

More Training

Education is going to help to further your goals in the future, and while you won’t see the education in your salary, you will be able to achieve goals you’ve had in your career. Your employer will want you to do better, and they can help by providing you with the education that you need as well as the support to ensure that you are learning properly. A simple certification can raise your value, not just at the company, but also in the marketplace.


Remote working is a benefit you may not consider asking for but flexible work schedules have several benefits for you, including better health, better energy, productivity, time with family, less stress. Work out how you think it’ll work, and approach your employer with your plan. All you have to do is prove that your new flexible schedule is going to work for everyone!

Relocation Assistance

In some cases, your promotion may mean moving to another office in your company, and if this is the case for you then you need to ask for relocation assistance. This can cover the travel costs, the costs of renting a home and even the costs of a moving van! Relocation assistance doesn’t have to be massively expensive, but it does help to keep you comfortable while you wait for your salary to come in. Get it in writing if they agree with your proposal!

Health Insurance

Companies usually already have a set vendor for health insurance and modifying may not be doable. However, make sure you understand the terms and your coverage when you are hired and when it changes. Your employer may be offering a package such as MEWA health insurance, read carefully through the lines. Are you at a smaller company? Well, you may do your own research and present to your HR department options that may save money to your company and also benefit you. Be well prepared to showcase the benefits to both parties and you may have a chance to change your current offering.

Other Perks

There are other, smaller perks that you can negotiate with your employer, and those include things like travel allowances and free parking at work. You can even ask for a company car if you do a lot of driving for the job. Even if you are reimbursed for the miles, a lot of driving may affect your vehicle. If you are hoping for perks, you need to ask for them!


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