Let’s Have Fun! Imagining Jobs For The Thrill Seekers

When I was a kid, my dream job was to be an architect. In fact, to this day, I still dream of it. I’m sure you had one too and you may be in your dream career today. Congratulations, if you are!

While for a small portion of people, a job is a means of changing the world and impacting live, most employees eventually see their job as a means to sustain life financially, especially after being in the corporate world for a few years.

It’s a sad fact that 53 percent of workers in America feel like they are stuck and are currently unhappy. If we are going to spend one third of our days working for many years to come, why not have fun doing so? As I was thinking about it, I imagined a job where I would feel challenged every day. A job filled with adrenaline boosting moments, a career with many unknowns, filled with discoveries and excitement. Wouldn’t it be exhilarating?

So, just for fun, let’s for a moment dream of these interesting jobs that would take us on a ride full of excitement and thrill.

Tour guide

There is a huge difference between a travel agent and a tour guide. As a tour guide, you get to leave your desk and visit the world. Becoming a tour guide – the kind that does more than just a site – would mean that you would have the opportunity to see and experience many different geographical areas. Whether you choose to become a tour guide of an explosive volcano site, or even just helping people find their way around a historic city, you will constantly meet interesting people that are full of life. While the sites you’re showing might be the same sometimes, no two days will be the same due to different people, weather conditions, and the new friendships born every day guiding tourists and adventurers.

Work on a boat

If you deal with motion sickness, you probably are already thinking a big NO. But for the rest, imagine being able to set sail each and every day and enjoy seeing the sun reflect off the gleaming blue waters. Sounds amazing right? You can choose to become a member of a crew using services like Crew Board. If sailing around and seeing new places all over the world is the dream, then working on a boat might just be the perfect job for you. Another bonus? Jobs that require you to be away from home a lot often offer very competitive salaries.


Alright, this one requires a more serious investment of time, effort and dedication. This job is by no means of the word easy, but it’s extremely rewarding to be able to completely change people’s lives. But at the heart of it, wouldn’t it be an exhilarating experience? Having the skills to literally save people’s lives on a daily basis basically makes you a superhero. After the extensive training and the high amounts of pressure that you will be put under, you can expect a very tasty salary to go along with it too!


When I was younger and to this day, I am intrigued by TV shows and movies that involve solving a complex problem. After watching a movie, I would think: how did the writer come up with such a plot? What were they thinking when the movie took this turn? Ever seen those shows like Sherlock and The Mentalist? Do you think that you’ve got the brain power and the detective skills to solve crimes and help bring victims to justice by capturing criminals? Then why not become a detective. It requires a lot of thinking, a sharp eye, and also nerves of steel, but it’s definitely worth the reward when you solve a case. And if you’re in for danger, you’ve got yourself a daily dose of it.


Not all reporters are equal. I salute those who brave war zone, gang infested areas, dangerous weather conditions to do their jobs. You must be in for the thrill to take so many risks. When the day is over and you look over your photos and videos, realizing that in your hands is the key to a global social cancer being cured, how would you feel?

If you live in North America, you probably living a fast pace life at all moments. Sometimes, it is necessary to relax and simply imagine. This article was exactly for that. Stop, relax, and imagine…



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