Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work.

I often hear of people who live by a motto or a code, a defined statement or phrase that guides their actions as to live a life driven by a certain moral precedent. I found this to be quite honorable and I wonder at times if I should set my own life motto. Unfortunately, I fail at making a concise one, applicable and relevant to all situations.

But if you’d approach in a certain case, such as the work environment, I would tell you that my utmost objective is to do all I can, with integrity, always rendering more than that which is required of me, never satisfied with a stagnant career. With that said, let me share with you a few simple but powerful points and practices you could apply today that will certainly make a difference.

When you join a company, and you enjoy the atmosphere and work ethics, and you feel that you’re in the right career, you’ll likely want to progress through the ranks. Leadership experts will tell you that your soft skills, above your technical skills, will propel you at a faster pace. However, soft skills are often associated with relational aptitudes. And though true, it goes further than that. Here are a few skills I believe also make an impact.

Keep your workstation neat and tidy.

Have you ever heard the adage: ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’. I find this to be true. Whether it is your car, your home or your office desk, your presentation of it most likely is a representation of your personality or character. At a minimum, it does quite an accurate job of rating your neatness. The way your desk and your working place look affect your performance. It also leaves an impression to your coworkers. A repellent desk, whether due to lack of tidiness or cleanliness, essentially means a lack of care for your work. Whether consciously or subconsciously, other can translate this into a lack of care for your work.

In any event, it makes sense to keep your workstation neat and tidy. If  you feel your workspace could use some improvement, take a look at this relevant article from Smead for some inspiration.

Improve your leadership skills.

As Dr. John Maxwell says, `Everything rises and falls on leadership’. When you can lead a team and get people working together and pulling in the same direction, you show the signs of management potential in you, and that massively increases your earning potential.

Leadership is not learned by watching inspirational videos on YouTube. It takes time, practice, application and even a mentor. Learn how to lead and seek a mentor in a more experienced colleague. There are also a variety of books, authored by John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Les Brown, etc. that brings to life the principles required to be a good leader. Invest in those tools and educate yourself.

Everyone wants to earn more than they are earning right now; there’s nothing abnormal about that. But many people don’t even know their earning potential, never mind reach it. That’s where you need to be different, so make sure you use the tips here to eventually reach your goals.

Dress appropriately.

First impressions, when it comes to your career are crucial. Whether you want to progress where you are, or want to get a new role, dressing more smartly and appropriately will set you apart from others. On a similar note, looking sharp when heading to get a job or go to an interview should be a no brainer. There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure that the impressions that you are making count.

Be more positive.

There’s nothing worse than working with someone that seldom has a positive thing to say about their work, the company that employs them, or anything else in general! Don’t be one of those people; you’re unlikely to get considered for a promotion otherwise.

Use feedback to your advantage.

Whenever you have a review from your boss, accept positive and negative comments equally. Keep doing what you’re getting right and find ways to improve where you are going wrong.

Be consistent and Dependable

Here are some ideas to help you improve your memory in the workplace:

  • Print out some instruction sheets and pin them up on your noticeboard or put them in a folder.
  • Go on WordMint and create a matching worksheet that you print out. Each morning print it out and match each function to the correct process until you know it all.
  • Set up reminders on your computer to alert you to perform specific functions.
  • Make up a song in your head to associate work tasks together.



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