Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work.

I often hear of people who live by a motto or a code, a defined statement or phrase that guides their actions as to live a life driven by a certain moral precedent. I found this to be quite honorable and I wonder at times if I should set my own life motto. Unfortunately, I... Continue Reading →

Succeeding In Your Career as An Introvert.

There is a social myth that assumes that introverts end up being left behind, losing to the extroverts and the ‘born leaders’. I believe that assumption is erroneous. It is a fact that when introverts fail to maximize their inner abilities of leadership and assertiveness, they tend to lose in the corporate world to people... Continue Reading →

Making The Change For A Fulfilling Career.

The dictionary describes the word ‘fulfilling’ as something that makes an individual satisfied or happy because of fully developing their character and/or abilities. When we think about jobs, isn’t that the dream we have? Waking up every day to do and enjoy something that brings the best out of us. A new job may be... Continue Reading →

How to Be A Desirable Employee.

After reading this article, head on to YouTube and search ‘millennials in the workplace’. The results I received were not encouraging, positive or uplifting at all. The stigma put on the millennial workforce is very negative to the point where it is almost expected that we would screw things up. I disagree with that mindset.... Continue Reading →

5 Clear Signs It’s Time to Slow Down.

When you’re pursuing your dreams and goals, you get accustomed to working hard. It is so exhilarating that taking a break may not even cross your mind, you may never think about slowing down. This happens to employees too. If you’re someone who genuinely loves their job, you probably work around the clock, take on... Continue Reading →

So, You Graduated! How to Have A Successful First Job.

I love listening to commencement speeches from keynote speakers. They’re full of inspiration, examples of courage, failures and successes, dedication and some very wise advice. The intriguing thing is that sometimes I wonder how these new graduates would really apply the motivational orders. Really, how many people do feel challenged in their work every day?... Continue Reading →

Wellness Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs.

When you run a business, whether a startup or an established one, you are constantly working. In fact, business owners tend to put in twice the number of hours and effort the average employee does. As much as I encourage entrepreneurship, it is crucial to remember that considering the amount of work involved, it is... Continue Reading →

Entry-level Jobs That Can Pay Your Bills.

Crash-landing, deafening silence, impossible solution, autopilot, plastic glasses, jumbo shrimp...What do these all have in common? Well, their respective literal meaning is an oxymoron, but they have transcended vocabulary. Recently, a Glassdoor article was shared with me and as soon as I saw the title, I had an internal sarcastic laugh which only lasted a... Continue Reading →

When and How to Ask For A Raise.

We all go through the phase when we think we deserve better than our current remuneration. For some, that feeling is constant and proven. Whether it is a desire to have a higher salary or a wish that a bonus could have been higher, I can guarantee that you have felt that way at least... Continue Reading →

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