Tips on Living Successfully with Roommates For The First Time.

At some point in our lives, many of us will share a house with people we aren’t related to or in a relationship with. Striking out and living away from home is a right of passage for many, but it’s not all parties and sleeping in. To successfully cohabit together, you’ll need to learn how to compromise and set a few systems up to ensure the household admin runs smoothly. 

Learn to compromise

When you first start living with other people you need to remember that everyone is different. You need to respect this. That’s not to say that you have to put up with antisocial or otherwise unacceptable behavior, but it does help to keep an open mind about things. 

Set out some ground rules 

We’re not talking about the Roommate Agreement from The Big Bang Theory here, but having a few rules in place can help make life easier. For example, if you’re students, then you can agree that there will be no loud house parties during finals. Are the products in the bathroom communal or does everyone need their own? Agree who will do certain chores like take out the trash. 

Split bills and other costs equally

The easiest way to keep on top of bills and other costs is to have a separate account that you all contribute to. Find ways to make the place your own by finding some bargains on furniture from Frontera furniture coupons or bargain sites, 

 Any living related costs come out of this. It ensures that everyone contributes equally rather than having one person responsible for one bill and someone else another. Many great apps let you track and split costs so that no one is getting burdened with bills unfairly. 

Talk about any problems you’re having

Living with people has its issues, but you need to address them early and upfront. No one wants to be the roommate that starts leaving passive-aggressive notes all over the apartment. It never ends well. 

Try and cultivate an honest relationship where you aren’t afraid to say if they are doing something to annoy you. That way you can put it right quickly before resentment kicks in. 

Don’t forget to spend time together 

Try to see beyond the financial domestic arrangement you’re in and learn to get along with your roommates. Take the time to hang out and socialize together. Game night or Netflix binge might be just what the doctor ordered. Plus, the more time you spend with them, the less likely you are to become the distant roommates that never see each other and communicate by text or notes. 


Living with roommates should be fun.  It’s that great period between living with your parents and siblings and future family of your own. So make the best of it and enjoy all of the freedoms and opportunities it provides. By setting a few ground rules out early, you give yourself the best chance of avoiding any of those niggling issues that often creep into sharing a home. 


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