What You Can Do With Extra Income.

You may be performing very well at work or own a business and notice that you’re finally starting to prosper and make more money. Having more money in your pocket is usually a positive circumstance – that is if you choose to use or spend it wisely.

There are many possibilities for what you can do with extra income. However, the following guidance will help ensure that you’re making good decisions about where your money goes next. Let these ideas inspire you to want to be smart with your money and work hard to set yourself up for continued financial success in the future.

Pay Off Debt

You can’t go wrong with using your extra income to pay down and off your outstanding debt. Debt can be frustrating and stressful to have and manage. Therefore, take some worry off your shoulders and mind by using your extra money to whittle it down. Start by working on paying off high-interest credit card debt if you have it. You may enjoy having the extra cash since you won’t have to pay interest in future months this way. Once your credit cards with high interest are paid off, you can work on other debts such as a car payment.

Save it

One idea for what you can do with extra income is to save it up. Start an emergency fund so you have money available to you in a pinch. Saving your money is always a wise move and you’ll never regret having access to funds when an unexpected situation arises or your life takes a sudden turn in the wrong direction. You’ll sleep better at night and will feel more financially secure when you put away your extra income for a rainy day or a future purchase.

Invest it

Another option when you have extra income is to invest it. You can either invest it by buying gold coins or in yourself. Either way, you’ll be setting yourself up to eventually grow your money and to have a better and more stable financial future. Now might be a wise time to go back to school and earn another degree or start that business you always dreamed of having.

Purchase A Home

Renting is one way to live but you may also see it as throwing away your money. When you have extra income, you may want to consider purchasing a home to live in and enjoy. It’ll be a place to call your own and will allow you to eliminate your monthly rent payment. Although you’ll be responsible for your mortgage, you’ll be building equity (ownership) in the property. If you’ll be living someplace for at least five to ten years then consider buying instead of renting.


These tips and pieces of advice will help ensure that you’re using your extra income wisely and not just wasting it. You’ll have fewer regrets this way and will be working on building a brighter and more secure financial future for yourself. No matter what you ultimately choose to do, always think it through in detail before you proceed.


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