8 ways millenials can Save On Transportation Expenses.

  1. Drive at a steady speed

If you’ve got a vehicle with cruise control, use it as it will save you money in the long run. This is because cruise control keeps you driving at a constant speed which in turn reduces fuel consumption. Avoid speeding up a lot since this will waste fuel too. Cruise control is not free so make the most out of it if you happen to have it in your car. 

  1. Avoid rushing 

Driving with stability is key if you want to reduce your fuel consumption. Whenever you speed up more fuel is used, so keep this in mind next time you feel road rage brewing inside of you!

  1. React quicker

Not reacting fast enough results in more fuel being used. Teach yourself to react quicker and you will make driving both safer and cheaper.

  1. Monitor tyre air pressure

Cars that have tyres with lower air pressure than recommended are guaranteed to bump up your maintenance bill. A tyre with too much pressure will break very easily and will need to be replaced – at your expense. You can avoid this problem by getting your tyres checked regularly. 

  1. Look after your car

Treat your car like a precious piece of china that could get damaged at every corner. Car owners should try as hard as they can to prevent faults from occurring. Ensure you read the vehicle manual and frequently replace engine oil as well as other liquids. Follow the manufacturer’s advice on how to take care of your car. Doing all of this will reduce the chance of you needing to take the vehicle to the repair shop. 

  1. Get repairs when they are needed

Unattended damage is one of the worst things your car can be put through. If your car ends up faulty in some way, take it to get repaired as soon as possible. Leaving it too long will make the damage worse which will result in a larger repair bill to pay. 

  1. Avoid traffic tickets

Getting slapped with a hefty fine when driving is never a good thing. If you’ve been caught out on the road and now have a ticket to worry about paying, don’t fret! It is possible to get parking tickets dismissed, you just need to find a reputable company who can sort the matter out for you. GetDismissed.com will fight a range of traffic tickets including cell phone tickets, red light camera tickets and speeding tickets – all at a reasonable price too.

8. Opt for LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas has been marketed at a reasonable price for a good number of years, this is why driving a car with an LPG installation is more budget-friendly than using petrol. If you want to get LPG installed, you need to know the cost first. Calculate the number of Kilometers you usually drive per day and the amount of fuel your car uses (for now and when LGP is installed). If you conclude that your vehicle will only save money in 10 years time, there is little point in investing in LPG. 


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