How to Market Your Business.

Use word of mouth

Talk about your business around you, distribute business cards. Sell your services and services: Who are you, what do you do? What do you sell? What are your expertise, your services, etc? A good presentation will mark the spirits and the people. We will think of you when we get back to you. There is also a good chance that word of mouth will work!

Develop your website

It is essential to develop at least one showcase site for your online communication. Your site must be efficient, present a modern design and must adapt to all digital media (PC, tablets, smartphones). Finally, remember that for your site to be visible on search engines like Google, it must be properly referenced.  

Be present on social networks

Develop your presence on social networks like Twitter, create your Facebook business page and a Google+ page. Look at professional companies such as

Bring the blog or news pages to life on your site

Highlight the achievements for your customers, present your new products, show the progress of your projects by inserting before / after photos, explain your practices and techniques, show your expertise. The subjects to be covered have no limits. The content you write will contribute to your SEO on the search engines. A good text is about 300 words with photos to attract readers. The more content you provide, the more you will eventually appear in the best search results.

Write a newsletter

Collect the email addresses of your prospects and write a newsletter every month. By sending a regular informational message to your customers, you will be able to retain them in your company and your subscribers who will enjoy reading your updates regularly.

Create your Google My Business listing

This service offered by Google improves the local visibility of your business on the web. It allows your business to appear on Google Maps and create a listing in the name of your business that will make you visible during local searches by Internet users. Very easy to implement, this service is completely free.

Develop your professional network

Go to your consular chambers, take part in conferences and trade shows. Very effective, these offer you the chance to build your notoriety with other entrepreneurs / companies but also with your target audience. Exchange and discuss with your peers: you can easily forge links and partnerships. 

Distribute flyers

Inexpensive method, flyer distribution is known to bring people together. Mailboxes as a public road, although this technique does not require much effort, it turns out that the results are visible in the long term. Expect a return rate of 1 per 1,000 flyers distributed. 

Advertise your company vehicles or covering

The covering or advertising marking makes it possible to dress your company cars in the colors of your company. You then make yourself visible in the street, you catch the eye which will undoubtedly bring you additional business contacts. 


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