5 useful perks to negotiate at work.

When you have been told that you are getting a promotion, it’s an exciting moment. You are in a good position, because your employer recognizes your productivity and your positive impact on the company. They are trusting you telling you in a bigger and better capacity than before. Most people take the promotion and feel... Continue Reading →

Succeeding In Your Career as An Introvert.

There is a social myth that assumes that introverts end up being left behind, losing to the extroverts and the ‘born leaders’. I believe that assumption is erroneous. It is a fact that when introverts fail to maximize their inner abilities of leadership and assertiveness, they tend to lose in the corporate world to people... Continue Reading →

Making The Change For A Fulfilling Career.

The dictionary describes the word ‘fulfilling’ as something that makes an individual satisfied or happy because of fully developing their character and/or abilities. When we think about jobs, isn’t that the dream we have? Waking up every day to do and enjoy something that brings the best out of us. A new job may be... Continue Reading →

How to Steadily Advance In Your Career.

Your career is very important to you and nothing is going to stop you from achieving your long-term goals. You pride yourself on being an intelligent, hardworking and a motivated person, but you can’t seem to get an interview with your dream employer. Whether you are looking to navigate corporate America in the public sector... Continue Reading →

How To Navigate Corporate America After Graduation.

Four years ago, you embarked on your college journey. You fought through late nights, difficult classes, boring classes, homework and deadlines and you finally arrived. Like any other journey, college has an end goal which is traditionally landing the job of your dreams. Now that you've graduated, you’ve applied to several jobs and thankfully you... Continue Reading →

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