Tips for dressing for a job interview.

The job hunt is stressful and exciting and time-consuming. It can feel as if most places you’re genuinely interested—and qualified—to be working in are just shredding your resume upon arrival. When you finally get the call from your dream company asking you to attend an in-person or virtual interview, it can be exciting and nerve-racking. You have to figure out what to ask, what to say, how to carry yourself, and how to dress. Check out this guide on dressing for a job interview at a modern workplace.

Aim for a step higher than the office dress

Ask around, look online, and peruse the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages for some idea of what people typically wear to the office on a regular Tuesday. If you see jeans, leggings, and T-shirts galore, leave your three-piece suit at home and opt for a business casual outfit. An example of this that works for a masculine or feminine look is dress pants, a non-graphic T-shirt, a cardigan or blazer, and a pair of nice shoes. If you look on their webpages and see everybody in suits, opt for the fancier suit you own with a nice shirt underneath and your best dress shoes.

Pro Tip: Wear dress socks. White ankle socks are not acceptable interview attire, regardless of the company’s formality levels.


Accessories can truly make or break an outfit. You could be dressed to the nine’s with your sharpest suit separates on and your shiniest shoes, but if you pair it with clashing jewelry, a worn-down watch from a children’s store, and messy hair, you most likely won’t make the best first impression. For a more feminine look, try to match some eye-catching earrings with a subtle necklace. For a more masculine look, try wearing a beautiful watch—and you don’t have to spend thousands to get a nice watch, either. Their low price is just one of the many reasons you should buy vintage and antique watches. Another great accessory for either feel is a simple ring or hand accessory to compliment your well-trimmed and clean nails.

There are a bunch of different rules when it comes to dressing for a job interview, but doing your research into the company’s work environment and dress codes is the best way to know for sure what to wear to your interview. Keep your own style in mind as well, and find ways to adapt your style to that of the workplace.

Want more visual options on what to wear on a job interview? Check this Nordstrom video!

Credit: Nordstrom (YouTube)

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