How to Balance Work and Life for Optimal Health.

Whether you are approaching your midlife, or you are hitting a certain age where you feel that it’s time to look after yourself a bit more, amazingly, it’s not very difficult. But, nowadays, with the fact that we are working longer because we can’t afford to retire so early, we have to find ways to keep ourselves in peak physical condition, so we can work longer, but also feel better in ourselves. With this in mind, what are the fundamentals to consider?

The Three Pillars

The three pillars that we have to nail down are nutrition, sleep, and exercise. As soon as we’ve made the necessary alterations in these, and we are eating well, exercising enough to keep our fitness levels up, but also making sure we are recovering by having a good sleep, this will make for a baseline level of optimum efficiency. We can’t sacrifice our sleep anymore.

Understanding The Balance Between Work And Life

If we intend to work longer into our lives, then we have to differentiate the balance between work and life. This means understanding when you are well enough to work, instead of pushing through. As we get older, we all fall prey to more physical ailments, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on these, and undergo treatment when necessary. There are time when seeing a physiotherapist or a chiropractor is really necessary; the ability to recognize when we are not well enough means that we are keeping your best interest at heart. This is something that so many people don’t do, especially when it comes to work. Today’s employers sometimes expect us to show up even when not appropriate and this impacts our positive frames of mind, as well as consuming our thoughts outside of working hours. The sooner we can understand the balance between work and life, the happier we will be.

Keeping Yourself Happy Is Keeping Yourself Healthy

And when we are struggling to keep our frame of mind positive, we have to look at our working environment as well as our home environment to see if there’s anything we can change. We have to tackle these stressful moments as soon as we can, so we can go through life as happy as possible. At the end of the day, the more stressed we feel, the likelier we become unwell. This is why a positive frame of mind, and undertaking small practices to ensure you are happy, even in a physiological sense, can provide you with the tools necessary to cope with stressful times.

As we get older, the more excited we become about our retirement, but it seems that people are working into their 70s, and even 80s. And while this is something that we may not want to consider, if this is a necessity, then we have to ensure our bodies and minds are running at the optimum level.




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