Father’s Day: Make Dad and Your Wallet Smile.

In 2016, $21 billion were spent on moms all over the country. In comparison, about $15 billion are spent on fathers. There is a huge gap between the two numbers but regardless, there is still a lot of money spent on dad and you would probably be buying something for your father or a father on June 17. While the average buyer will purchase gifts worth $135, this may not be your budget. It could be lower or much higher. The price does not matter as much as the relation to your budget. The important question to ask yourself is: can I afford it?

We should thank our fathers for all they do and have done for us. They deserve the best, your best. Nonetheless, when making decisions for a gift, make sure that it will not hurt you financially. Most people do not plan in their budget for gifts; so ideally, a Father’s Day gift should be paid with your savings. However, when 67 percent of millennials have less than $1,000 in a savings account, the chances are that most will reach for their credit card.

As we get closer to June 17, don’t delay. If you’re planning to bless some of the father’s in your life, prepare accordingly. Based on your budget, refer to these options and enjoy a Happy Father’s Day!

Books Dad will enjoy.

For the cool dad, some cool electronics.

For dads who love experiences.

  • Take dad out to a ballgame.
  • Have you heard of the Escape Room? This could be a fun experience for the entire family. Invite dad for an afternoon of bonding and let him lead you out of the locked room.
  • Let the adrenaline flow with a session of indoor sky diving. With $75, you could give dad an unforgettable experience.
  • Is dad a handy / artistic guy? He would probably enjoy a wood carving class.

$250 or more budget…

  • If dad is into fitness, he would enjoy an exclusive one-on-one coaching session. A month long subscription with a personal trainer would probably be much appreciated.
  • The World Cup is right around the corner. Get dad ready with a TV he will enjoy every action with.
  • Make sure that records every second of your games with this Parrot drone.
  • Has dad been sneezing all season long? A top performing air purifier may be what he exactly needs.Untitled design (8)

Finally, let’s not forget food.

Whether you take dad out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, he will certainly appreciate the time together. Let him pick his favorite restaurant and invite the rest of the family. Rest your phones so you all enjoy some great conversations and memories but make sure you capture the moment. If dad’s schedule is too full, some steak never hurt.

I hope you get some inspiration through these ideas. The goal is to make dad’s day special. Some quality time may be more appreciated than any other gift. Focus on dad on June 17th and show him how much you’ve learned from him.



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