Do These And Advance In Your Career This Summer.

Every year, around the year-end holidays, companies and employees tend to slow down. The festive atmosphere somehow promotes an environment more relaxed. This also happens sometimes in the summer. The heat and the abundant travel due to vacations lead to people taking their foot off their momentum, whether it is as an employee or as an entrepreneur. For you, this should be an opportunity to focus. Obviously, there are a lot of fun activities and places to enjoy in the summer and taking a break is necessary. Nonetheless, increasing your efforts around this time may lead to incredible growth towards the end of the year.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was an increase of 213,000 units in payroll employment in June 2018. On the entrepreneurial side, there has been an increase over the past year. Needless to say, the market is ripe with opportunities and as a money-smart (millennial) individual, you should absolutely take advantage of it and size the opportunities.

  • Don’t Limit Yourself

The best thing to do is to be sure you are never limiting yourself. Because of the way the job market is in currently in 2018, it is much easier to start an interview process with an organization. Once a door is opened for you, invest all your efforts to see the finish line. The only limits are the ones that you set for yourself, so make sure you don’t limit yourself. Think of the big picture, your end goal, and if necessary, break the barriers of your mind. This summer can be a life changing season for you.

  • Get Further Education

What could go wrong with a little bit of more brain power? A couple years ago, my wife decided to take an 8-week programming course which opened new professional opportunities for her. While other are relaxing this summer, it may be worth sacrificing a few weeks and investing into further training or education.

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A couple years ago, I was discussing with an individual who wanted to do something exciting and different than his routine. He had become bored in his job and wanted a full 180-degree change. He went on to acquire a master’s in aviation science and went on to become a pilot. There are so many wonderful courses and educational options these days, and it can play a massive role in helping you get the outcome you need.

  • Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

What does it take to be a desirable employee, or to make your business stand out and be more appealing? It takes going the extra mile. Andrew Carnegie once said: Don’t be content with doing only your duty. Do more than your duty. It’s the horse that finishes a neck ahead wins the race.’ This is not the time to abandon your projects, stop responding to emails or avoid meeting. Your goal is to break a glass ceiling and this summer, show your bosses and/or your clients that you deserve the responsibility and their trust.

  • Take initiative

As an entrepreneur, taking initiative should be a daily habit. For employees, incorporating this habit into a daily routine may be a bit challenging. In fact, most employees tend to the minimum required of them not you!

Is there a project that is taking a toll on the entire team at work? Before you implement what I am about to recommend, make sure you set some boundaries. You could offer your supervisor to work one or two (limit) extra hours this weekend to finish a project and make the deadline. This will show you dedication to the team and by the way, the rewards should help you move toward your goal. By doing so, you show your manager that you’re ready to lead. Working from home can be an opportunity for you to go the extra mile.  

You are now equipped with the tools to boost your career this summer. Enjoy the sun, the beaches, the trips, but remember that it is a time to also press on the accelerator.

***This article is in partnership with a guest writer, or a brand, or a company and may contain affiliate links. Nonetheless, these are my experiences and my opinion. For questions, contact me directly here.




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