How to Be A Desirable Employee.

After reading this article, head on to YouTube and search ‘millennials in the workplace’. The results I received were not encouraging, positive or uplifting at all. The stigma put on the millennial workforce is very negative to the point where it is almost expected that we would screw things up. I disagree with that mindset. Millennials are changing the world, the culture, the way we work with each other, the way we innovate, for the better. But the stigma is not a creation of the imagination. There are people of this generation who have not figured out what it means to grow up and take responsibility or work hard.
If you’re reading this article and following this blog, I know that your goal is to maximize your chances not only financially, but also professionally. I applaud you for that. Success does not happen by accident. To be a better employee, it must be very intentional.

Start by Anticipating the Needs of Your Department
Any job that you take will require a learning curve. This period is a great opportunity to learn the department, assess your colleagues, do a good job but also contribute as much as you can. The goal for you is to master the ins and outs of the job, essentially proving your worth. It is important that once you’re independent in your work, you’re able to detect where the needs are. This obviously involves being better at your job than the average person and knowing the intricacies of the job. Anticipating needs and going after them is a critical trait that would increase your value to the company.
You may not be in a position or a type of job that requires you to foresee the needs of a department. When that’s your case, constantly ask for new tasks to learn or accomplish. Advancing in your career is a game and you must be smart and tactical to win.

Get to Know Your Boss
In When and How To Ask for A Raise, I emphasized the importance of building relationship in the work environment. It applies to your manager as well. Being intimidated by the title and tenure of a supervisor can happen but you do need to get to know your boss better.
Building and nurturing a cordial relationship with your supervisor or manager is not just helpful when it comes to promotions and raise. Such a relation can lead to mentorship as well and it ultimately impacts your career. It is not about being buddies, but it does help to know what makes your boss tick. Communication is key and you would be amazed at what a difference this can make in the workplace and in your career.

Be Positive and Success Minded
No one likes a debbie downer, someone who complains all the time. If you want to be and appear confident and driven, it is imperative to adjust your posture to your mindset, the way that you act and react to what’s happening around the office. You have to be confident in your work and you also have to know that you can achieve just about anything you want.
Obstacles happen, mistake are done and money is lost. What puts you apart from the rest is your mentality and your ability to see the seeds of opportunities in challenges. Trust me, such an attitude is noticed.

Work Smarter…and harder
There is no doubt that hard work pays off. When entering the workforce, it’s super important that you are willing to go that extra mile. One of the reasons why millennials receive a stigma is because they tend to only do what’s required. Yes, it will get you your paycheck and yes you will stay employed. But it will not take you far.
In addition to working hard, you must work smart. Be efficient with your time. Learn to prioritize and made important decisions. One way of working smart is also building relationships in the work environment. Establishing ‘professional friends’ can be the door to your next opportunity.
Companies use their HR department for most employee related affairs but when it becomes legal, they may reach out to an organization like Peninsula employment law advice line to represent them. As an employee, working smart also means following the set rules and avoiding any breach of contract. I am mentioning this because I’ve worked in the financial industry and it is an important matter.

Be a team player
Building relationships involves being a team player, especially when you a natural driven person. The idea is to contribute to the overall goal of your company or team. In my career, although short, I’ve had some great coworkers who turned into incredible friends. Supporting others is also a huge component of being a good employee.

***This article is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.

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