Consider Another Way to Cut Costs: Transportation.

I understand what it’s like starting out in the working world. For a lot of graduates, first salaries are not very impressive. If you have a major that includes ‘studies’ in the title, you may struggle at first to get a job that allows you some flexibility with your purchases. What’s worse is that you keep getting rejected for your lack of experience. How can you get the experience without ever being offered the job?! You’re not alone. We all go through those emotions. Sometimes, we don’t have any other choice than to take that entry level low paying work. Your lack of experience leaves you near the bottom of the wage pile. This baffles me but I have even seen graduates who in some cases have no choice but to take an internship which pay less than minimum wage. I guess these are necessary evils, but the problem is that they can leave you with more month than money.

By the time you’ve paid rent, bills, and car, you likely have nothing left. In some cases, you may even find yourself in the red and turning to credit cards. It’s a tough way to start your financial journey. This is why I am an avid encourager of freelancing (entrepreneurship). But entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And while you’re looking for ways to diversify your income, it would be beneficial to cut cost where you can. Unfortunately, you’re working with limited leeway when it comes to things like rent and bills. But, there might be some opportunities in the transportation budget, especially if you live in an urban area. Here are a few options to consider when you are trying to save a bit more every month.

Get a bike instead of a car

Whether you opt for a motorcycle or a bicycle, expenses can be a lot less than those of a car. Motorcycles aren’t automatically cheaper options but if you’re careful, you could save yourself a lot of money. In most cases, a motorcycle is more affordable to buy upfront. What’s more, insurance premiums are often less than car alternatives. Since we’re trying to save money, it makes sense to purchase a relatively inexpensive motorcycle.

It is important to mention that motorcycles are involved in a lot more severe crashes than cars because of the lack of protection. While we’re on the subject of crashing, it’s crucial you ride carefully. However, you should refrain from driving too fast.

Which bike should you get? Men’s Journal published an entire list of motorcycles that cost less than $10000. Choose wisely. In fact, it is worth consulting people who have owned them and who can lead you in the right direction.

As a car owner, in the event that I am affected by an accident, I may have to contact a lawyer in the event that I am wrongfully hurt. Did you know that this option is available to motorists as well? Aitken Aitken Cohn provides support to those in motorcycle accidents. Failure to contact the right professionals could see a rise in insurance costs, as well as money lost from time off work and such. Before you know, your bike will have cost you more than your car ever did.

Cycling is a no-brainer for those who don’t have far to travel. With this, you save on insurance, fuel costs and maintenance costs aside from upfront expense. And, you’ll still have a practical transportation method.

Make use of public transport

Are you a New York City resident? You could save almost $14,000.  Are you a Washington, DC resident? You could pocket an additional $9,000. How about San Francisco? Your savings would increase by $12,000. Needless to say, your attempts to get your finances under control should also include public transport in those geographical areas.

Admittedly, season pass for daily commuting aren’t always inexpensive. So, be wise in your decision. I recommend doing some research prior to opting for public transportation.


Imagine living 60 miles from your place of work. It would easily take you a whole hour to get to work every day. You may cringe at the idea but truly, thousands of workers commute that far and longer every day. Add traffic and the cost of fuel and it becomes a nightmare.

The solution here may be to carpool with other individuals going in the same office or city. This may reduce stress but in this case, save you money as well.


The last recourse is to relocate. For millennials who have not settled into a home and are not attached to a particular location for some reason, this solution might be best. Find a new apartment and move closer to work. If you are trying to avoid a potential higher cost of rent, consider the stress and loss of time that you are enduring while commuting 2, 3 or even 4 hours every day. You could be building a second source of income.

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  1. I couldn’t help but think if you have a major with “studies” in the title….what were you thinking????


    1. Hi Steveark, people with majors such as Social Studies, Women Studies, etc. tend to have more difficulty finding a good paying job right away unless they are willing to venture into other fields.


      1. So true, but I suppose it depends on whether you see university as a vocational/trade school to learn a job skill, in my case chemical engineering, or whether it is a place to pursue a passion or to explore. I had a very mundane outlook as born engineer and it is easy for me to criticize others who did not know what they wanted to do, easy but a little unfair.

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